Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr.Bean Jokes

A few jokes involving Mr.Bean. These are fun to read but thinking logically -Mr.Bean would never do such things because he is smart :)

Anyways, have fun reading the jokes.

On a romantic day Mr. Bean’s girlfriend asks him,“Darling on our engagement day will you give me a ring?”
Mr. Bean : “Ya sure, from landline or mobile?”.

Mr. Bean was busy removing a wheel from his auto. A man asks Mr. Bean "why are you removing the wheel from your auto."
Mr. Bean : Cant you read the board. Parking is only for 2 wheeler.

Interviewer: What is your date of birth? Mr. Bean: Nov 28.
Interviewer: Which year?
Mr. Bean: Oh You Idiot, Every year.

Mr. Bean became a photographer and was focusing a dead body’s face in a funeral function, suddenly relatives beat him. Why?

Mr. Bean sent an SMS to his pregnant wife. Two seconds later a report came to his phone and he started dancing. The report said, “DELIVERED”.

Mr. Bean says I LOVE YOU to his girl friend and suddenly falls on the floor. Girlfriend: What is this?
Mr. Bean: ahhhh, I am falling in love!

Four guys one from Harward, one from Oxford one from Texas and Mr. Bean. A common question was asked : What is the fastest thing in world?
Guy from Oxford: Light
Guy from Harvard: Thought
Guy from Texas: Blink of an eye
Mr. Bean: Its loose motions,because last night I was lying in my bed & before I could blink, think or turn on the lights, it was over!

Mr. Bean to a friend: Mr. Zee Guess how many coins I have in my pocket?Mr. Zee: If I guess right, will you give me one?
Mr. Bean: aahhh, I will give both of them.

Professor: Chemical symbol of Barium?
Mr. Bean: BA
Professor: For sodium?
Mr. Bean: NA
Professor: What will we get if one atom of BA and two atoms of NA combined? Mr. Bean: BANANA

In bio practical - Examiner: Tell me the name of this bird by seeing it’s legs only?
Mr. Bean: I don’t know.
Examiner: You failed, what’s your name?
Mr. Bean: See my legs and tell my name?

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Quotes by Steve Jobs, Hitler and Others

"Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart And Intuition. They Know What You Truly Want To Become, Everything Else Is Secondary" - Steve Jobs

"People Don’t Change When You Tell Them A Better Option. They Change Only When They Realize That There Is No Other Option" - Hitler

Have you everwondered…
Which hurts the most “Saying something &…Wishing you hadn’t
Saying nothing & Wishing you had… ?”

“No man ever made a great discovery without the exercise of the imagination.”

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