Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Few Cute Abbreviations

These abbreviations are not known to many of us and in a way they are cute.  There are a few anagrams, which you might like here.

Chess : Chariot – Horse – Elephant – Soldiers

Cold : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.

Joke : Joy Of Kids Entertainment

Date : Day And Time evolution

Tea : Taste & Energy Admitted

Pen : Power Enriched in Nib

Smile : Sweet Memories In Lip Expressions

Bye : Beside you everytime

Absolutely Amazing Insect Engineering

This indeed is amazing engineering by the insect trying and succeeding in building its tree house. It should be called an art because it is not using any tools and the way this insect constructs its house is beautifully inspiring. Sure this is the instinct that the God gave it because there are no schools and universities to teach insects. This sophisticated instinct of the insect makes it superior to human beings considering we human beings have to learn a lot before we can perform such an amazing task of engineering.

Observe how this bug is building its house.

First, it cuts a straight line.

Leaving a part to hang the house

What's it doing now....measuring distances?

Starting to fold the leaf.

Folding two sides and holding both the sides of end of the leaf. This is amazing.

Using right side legs to hold and left side to fold.

Bringing a shape.

Making a hole or installing a door.

Finally some quality checks for the support and applying some glue to make sure.

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