Monday, July 21, 2008

Nut Diet during pregnancy increases asthma in the baby

Consuming nuts during pregnancy may increase the risk of developing childhood asthma among newborns.

To investigate the influence of mother’s food consumption during pregnancy on childhood asthma outcomes from 1 to 8 years of age, researchers in America followed 4,146 pregnant women (1,327 with a history of allergy or asthma and 2,819 with no such history). These women were asked about their frequency of consumption of fruit, vegetables, fish, egg, milk, milk products, nuts, and nut products during the last month of pregnancy. Their children were followed until 8 years of age.

It was found that daily consumption of nut products increased the risk of wheezing in a child by 42 percent, shortness of breath by 58 percent and steroid use to ease asthma symptoms by 62 percent, compared to children born to mothers who rarely consumed nuts. Overall, the odds of developing asthma symptoms for a child whose mother ate nuts daily were 47 percent higher. No association was found between vegetable, milk, and fish consumption during pregnancy and risk of childhood asthma.

The findings caution pregnant women to reduce nut consumption during pregnancy, specially those women who have a family history of food allergy. However, further studies need to be done before dietary advice can be given to pregnant women.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
July 2008


Monday, July 14, 2008

Problematic Stupid Sify Broad Band - For Those Who Love To Wait For Ever

This is what I lost by taking a Sify broad band connection.

2,000(installation charges) + 567(Package) + (41,000 * 2)(2 months salary) + Lots of uncomforts + Increased Mobile Bills + Bad words from operators + Peace of Mind + Waiting For Ever

My Locality is Kumaraswamy Layout, 2nd Stage, Bangalore. My Life was never the same since the day I thought of taking Sify Broad Band. Here is a short...very short story of the problems I've faced and the problems any one can face if they go for Sify broad band.

I have applied for Sify Broad Band believing on their promise that the connection will be given within 3 days where as others like Reliance Wi-Fi said it will take 10 working days (to my unfortune there is no touchtel(airtel) network in my locality).

I paid 2000/- to Sudhir, Sify business executive for installation and 567/- for package money(in cash not cheque) on March 30th, 2008.

No one turned up for 3 days. Then I've called the executive...he said that he will send a technician the next day. Technician(Shiv) had come indeed. He did give the connection but instead of giving me my login details, he used some other names loggedin and showed me that internet is working and took 150/- as one time service charge. I was very happy that I got internet as I badly needed to work from home as I was recovering from a serious slip disk/disk prolapse. But when I saw the validity of account it was showing only 14hrs and terms explained there are no where related to the package that I'v taken. When I asked him the same thing he assured me that he will call and give me my userid and default password. I again believed in him and gave him 150/-.

The next day as expected the dummy account had expired. No one called up. I've called Shiv. He did not pick up the phone. I've called Sudhir. He said he will call Shiv and tell him to generate my username.

Another day gone by...didnt get call from either Shiv or Sudhir. Again called both of them...this time niether of them pickup the phone. I've kept on calling them the whole day thinking that they are busy...all of a sudden the word "cheaters" came to mind and tried from my wife's mobile. Shiv picked up and when I said my name he kept on saying "hello...hello...hello..hello..." and then cut the call. Sudhir too picked up. He spoke to me and said that he is returning from his native and just got mobile network signal(some bullshit). He said he will give the username as soon as possible and he did give me the username the next day. I was on top of the mountain...very very happy.

Next Two days...every thing is perfect...the speed of internet was good...I could download my files and upload in relatively less waiting times. Third day morning...Problems started...when I switched on my PC and tried to connect using sify client it gave me a famouse Sify BB101 error. I tried pinging the gateway. It was not pinging. Kept on pinging till evening but of no use. Then in the evening called up the customer care and launched a complaint. They said it will be rectified within 12 working hours. That blew my mind...12 working days means another working day. Remember...I was working from home and each day of leave will show a loss of 1367/- in my salary.

I was patiently waiting for the connection looking at my command prompt by issuing the command 'ping -t GATEWAYIP'. At last at connectivity did not return. I recalled the customer care. They said that the status is in progress and said it may take another 12 working hours.

Its the next day afternoon....the connection did not return...but I got a call from my Project Manager asking for the status of the work...I told him the thing going on with internet connection. He said to call him once the connectivity is established. The connectivity is back that day evening. I'm happy again and sad that I had work hard the whole night to make up the lost days with unbearable back ache. I was not supposed to sit for longer times but I had to work and I took 2 pain killers that night and applied almost half tube of Volitra ointment(Muscle relaxant). Worked almost till 3:30AM in night and couldnt bear the pain after slept. Woke up at 8AM in the morning...there was no connectivity again. Called up the customer care....launched a fresh compliant and this time told them harshly that I need the connection that day itself.

The next 2 5 7 10 15 20 23 connectivity....meanwhile I've called all the people I could...hopeless customer care people, arrogant unworthy technicians, the business one came for the I'l term it as rescue. Because I wasnt in a situation to go to office and my PM lost the patience and told me that he can no more accept me fit for work from home too as there was no productivty for almost 1 month and said will talk about my continution as employee once I return to the office.

I was living on my credit card the whole month as my previous month's salary and little savings were consumed by the hospitalization expenditures for my slip disk's ailment. I did not get the connectivity for a month but I got my post paid mobile bill increased by 700/- compared to previous average monthly bills.

With these frustrations I lost my emotional controls and had a huge argument with my wife and my doctor did tell me to have a relaxed mind for speedy recovery from back ache but the situation was getting worse day by day as I was loosing my emotional balance.

After a couple of days we have decided to leave the town as there was no hope that the connectivity will be back and hardly any money to survive in Bangalore. I had put my self on heavy pain killars and did an adventure to travel in train to my home city Vijayawada with help of my dad. The whole month of May I was in Vijayawada and I recovered as if it was a miracle.

Came back to Bangalore on 30th May. Started my fight again. Called up the customer care, they account is inactive and then active and then expired. I told them that I wasnt even in the city from last one month. Then the lady asked my IP address after I gave my IP address to my astonishment she said that some one else was using my account. So another fresh complaint was launched.

This time I've started scolding them...the customer care, the executive, techinicains all of them....a week back I got a call from Sify Bangalore office and the lady told me to talk to the operator to get the money back and she also said that Sify can not do anything in this regard. I spoke to the operator and he said the money is not refundable. Ofcourse the money is not refundable but only when they are able to provide inertnet. But how come they take the money and dont provide service even atleast for a month and say that the money is not refundable.

I've called the customer care again and they said to call the operator again. But that day evening a technician came to my house and did some thing...the gateway was pinging. I tried to login with my username and password to renew but it was saying "wrong username/password". The technician gave some other password and then it got logged in. I've asked him how come they change my password...he didnt utter a single word and instead told me that I can not renew now using credit card and asked me to pay the package money to him so that he can arrange for renewal.

I told him straight away that I will not believe him. Then he said he will give a dummy account to have a check for 5 days and if it works fine then I can decide on renewal. I said okay...but even after 3 days he did not give any dummy account and this time when I called him he picked up the phone and told "Veeresh is not in town he will come after a week". I could findout that the voice is Veeresh's. I've called up from my wife's mobile and he said..."veeresh speaking..."...I've blasted him on the phone...atlast he said "do what ever you will not get the money back...and we will not give you the connection too".

When I told the same thing to Sify...they again said..they can not do anything in this regard...and added that I did not pay money to Sify but paid to the operator so I need to settle the matter with the operator.

Long story not take Sify broad band connection. They cheat you by taking the money. This is what they do. They will put the cable. They use a single working switch for a single day and show you that internet works and take money from you and after you pay the money they will take the switch back to fool some other person. Atleast this is what happened in my case. And their topology is so worst, they install an adoptor in a near by house to you and expect them to switch on all the times. If they switch it off, you will loose the connectivity and if they do not have any ports available to give a new connection they will take out the one used by the old customers and use that port to give a new connection.

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