Sunday, December 02, 2007

Act with Vision to SAVE WATER

A few days ago,there was an announcement in papers that there will be no water supply for 3 days.At home, on knowing this, all we inmates plunged into action to store and save water for 3 days and then imposed a higher level of ration on water usage – we resorted to turn the tap to very minimal while using, bathing water quantity reduced by 50% and strict instruction to the maid to conserve water and so on.

Well, when the normal water supply was restored, all the ration and austerity measures went out of the home like Yuvi’s sixer!

The above is a good reflection of our weakness. We act only when a crisis is forced upon us. Pity that we know that drinking water level all over is ‘sinking’ at a much faster rate than what is was 10-20 years ago. we do not seem to be alarmed by this. Predicted that we will soon (after say 50 yrs.) start feeling the heat on water scarcity, first effected will be the city inhabitant, no need to say the Bruhat Bangalore (I mean Bengalooru) is one of the front runners in the (hit)list! ‘I may not live that long’, one may say, but what is that I am leaving for our next gen?

No corporation/municipality or civic body can help much on this unless I, you, he and she start saving (ie., using water just as needed and ensuring that we do not waste un-necessarily.)this natural resource.

Let’s act and do something with vision.

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