Friday, October 12, 2007

Problems with Reliance Money Easy Trade

I have been using Reliance Money For the last 3 to 4 months and it has been a bad experience till now with the over all performance of their site (except brokerage, which is just 1 paisa for whatever the volume you do.

The site gives a lot of headaches especially for people like me who are part time traders. I can not spend much time waiting for the page to load.

The portfolio section is never working fine and now it says "we are upgrading portfolio section, please bear with us". Though it is not a big issue to maintain my portfolio in other sites, why should I waste time??

Now the current issue is in the buy and sell page when I try to get the price it says "No details available". Funny and the most important part is that I got this message for a most happening scrip RNRL and that too in trading hours. If it is for a short span of time, then it is okay. But if it for all the scrips thorough out the day....imagine...if you wanted to buy or sell something important on that particular day.

Have a look at the picture in this post.

So, the final word is "If it is not for 1 paisa brokerage, I would have closed my troubling trading account with reliance money by this time".

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