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Ten years after her death, Mother Teresa's legacy lives on

The destitute and the diseased still gather outside MotherTeresa's clinics in this sprawling city in eastern India, where the ethnic Albanian nun, known simply as ''Mother'', dedicated her life to helping the poorest of the poor. Mother Teresa died 10 years ago on a Wednesday, and many of those who rely on her order, the Missionaries of Charity, never met the tiny, frail woman who became a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a global icon of selflessness and devotion.

But they love her just the same and her name, and her legacy, still provide inspiration, comfort and care, said volunteers as well as those who receive food, shelter, medicine, comfort and more from her group. Gopal Das, 50, was living on the streets with a malignant stomach tumor, and Ninandath, who goes by one name, had a festering leg wound when Missionaries of Charity sisters found them. 'We would have been dead if the sisters had not brought us here' said Das. He was staying at Nirmal Hriday, or ''Pure Heart,'' the first of the many clinics that MotherTeresa opened in Calcutta's ramshackle neighborhoods during her nearly seven decades in India.

Moon Moon Mondal, 17, was raised there because her parents couldn't afford to keep her at home. She thanks the nuns for taking care of her when no one else would and, just as importantly, for giving her an education and training so she could find a job and look after herself. She returns most days to visit her brother and sister, who still live at the center, and to see the nuns.

Mother Teresa came to Calcutta in 1929 as Sister Teresa after she said she heard a call from God to serve the poorest of the poor. She set up schools for street children and medical clinics for slum-dwellers.

Source: MSN.co.in

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