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Secrets of Successful Job Hopping

Not all job hoppers succeed. Constructive job hopping takes thought and planning so you're achieving your goal of moving forward. Do it badly and you'll move laterally or backward, either of which is not recommended. Consider these three secrets of successful job hopping.

1. Make strategic moves within your industry. Contrary to myth, successful job hoppers are focused and targeted. They know what they want and go after it. Each job change can be likened to a move on a chessboard. It's carefully planned rather than an impetuous or thoughtless act.

2. Don't burn bridges. Farsighted job hunters change jobs without leaving a bad taste in the mouths of previous employers. A take-this-job-and-shove-it attitude is career suicide. Even though you hate everything about the job, leave on good terms and swallow your feelings.

3. Leave in style. That means no surprises. Give plenty of warning so the powers-that-be have plenty of time to find a replacement. Waiting the obligatory two weeks before telling your boss is bad form. The same goes for colleagues. Prudent job changers leave a job even better than they found it. They do everything they can to ensure a smooth transition.

Source: grantthead Newsletter by Bob Weinstein

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