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USB Squid

Many gadget-lovers are fans of PowerSquid surge protectors because, unlike most surge protectors, you can actually use all the outlets provided. What exactly do I mean? Well, you might try to use all 6 outlets on your regular old surge protector, but you can’t quite fit in the last two because your first four power adapters are all huge bricks that overlap. Well, this is a USB hub that shares that same idea, although I don’t think they’re made by the same company.

This is a pretty basic hub, and it’s not powered, which means all four devices share power from that one USB hub it’s plugged into. Sometimes that’s fine, but not when you’re plugging in 4 power intensive devices (cameras, iPods, hard drives). Still, this does what it is supposed to do, which is a good thing. For people with laptops that are stingy on USB ports, this is a cheap, easy way to add an extra four for your USB keys, MP3 players, or any other USB gadget you might have around.

The biggest difference between the USB Squid and other USB Hubs is the USB Squid's arms can bend in any direction (so all your USB cords don't have to be coming from the same place!) Also, they have ridges on one side and the top - and indents on the bottom and other side. You can actually connect the USB ports using these ridges in many different configurations. Maybe you need 4 vertical ports or 4 horizontal or the end two free and the middle stacked or maybe a zig zag hub. The choice is yours.

The USB Squid is 11" long (from plug to hub).

Source: Cool-gadets.com
Tags: USB Squid USB Hub Computer Gadgets

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