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Saddam's execution video

If you wannt to see how Saddam was executed... here is a link to Saddam's execution video.


You can view the execution video on your own risk... why am I saying it? I was so much disturbed to see the whole video. I mean...this is the first time ever I saw a person getting hanged for real (I saw it in a lot of movies, which some how you can digest and you know that they are not real). I did read a lot of news about what Saddam did and think that he did sins by killing people. But I feel pity for him...I dont know why. May be because I didnt see in which manner he killed those Shias and may be I dont know how the families of those dead people feel. I searched on net and I'm not the only to feel so...I found MaddyBlueSparrow posting feelings on the curiosity to watch the death video of Saddam.

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:) i didnt watch it and i am not going to watch it there are some things that one should never touch base with this is one of those. I am glad to see someone share my views about the video thing. I guess humanity is still alive.

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