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The next Bill Gates 'not American'

The ‘next Bill Gates’ may have already been born but the technological advance of US rivals means he’s not American. The verdict from two Washington-based organizations - pollster Zogby International and PR firm 463 Communications, was issued after a survey of over 1,000 adults. Their joint study shows the consensus is that the ‘next Bill Gates’ or at the least, ‘the next great technology leader’ will originate from China or Japan.

In fact, only one in five people think the US will produce the globe’s next supreme technologist, just slightly more than the 13% predicting he will come from India. “The next Bill Gates has already been born,” said Tom Galvin, partner at 463 Communications. “Time will tell what country is providing the environment of innovation, ‘entrepreneurism’ and opportunity to enable him or her to flourish with the next great idea.”

Elsewhere, the survey found eight out of ten respondents believe their cars not starting in the morning would be more disruptive to their work than an Internet or e-mal failure. However among adults earning over $100,000, almost one-third said loss of Internet access would be catastrophic, whereas just 6% earning under $35,000 rated it as the bigger problem. An ‘Internet everywhere’ attitude also emerged among the respondents, with two-thirds of adults believing “soon there will be no place in the world where we won’t be able to access the Internet.”

One in three said the Web was a greater invention than the printing press, while the majority expects the medium to become omnipresent worldwide within the next decade.

Source: FreelanceUK
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