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Google co-op - Create Your Own Search Engine

Google Co-op is a platform that enables you to customize the web search experience for users of both Google and your own website. When you have a huge content filled website and if you feel like Google has indexed your site's data, well enough, then you can create your own search engine using Google co-op which allows you to give a name to the customized search engine and allows you to specify the websites or web pages that you want Google to search in. You can select an option that lets you specify whether you want to fully focus and give pure results from the websites or web pages you specified. You can also set an option alternatively to put special emphasis on the specified ones and then include all the results like a normal Google search. I tried with the first option in the customized search engine I created but found that Google includes all the other sites too though I told it to search in a few specified sites like this blog, CNN and BBC.

Guess what you can also make money with this. It lets you earn money with your search engine from the ads that are served with your search results. You connect your Co-op account with a Google AdSense account and get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad in your search results. Once your AdSense account is connected, you will start making money. For more details, see the documentation on Making money with your search engine. I am bit skeptic on the way adsense channels work for this to track the hits from this search engine.

You can collaborate with others to contribute to your search engine. There are two options for this too. You can choose to let everyone change and contribute to your search engine or you can let only those who got an invitation from you to change the search engine.

The concept looks good with the money part(though it is not expected that Google will let you know what percentage is that you are getting). But the problem is that there is no shortcut to remember your CSE's(Customized Search Engine) address. For mine it is some thing like this htp://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=009382753893031486944%3Ajg6fslmalde. With this huge string I certainly can not pass the word of mouth to promote my CSE. But there are already a lot of CSEs which are quite popular and helpful too.

This service from Google is still in beta.

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