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At Last Hotmail Is Catching Up And Started Windows Live Mail

Hotmail is now Windows Live Mail. It looks too faster than Gmail and the new Yahoo! beta. No problem it came late but it came with the latest and better features. I opened a mail which came from an unknown(Obviously the address is not stored in address book) and you know what Windows Live Mail did? Astonishingly it blocked all the content and gave me an alert and asked me whether I wish to view the content. It really helps people like me who access mails at work place and some times it is so embarrassing that when I open the mail it shows some stupid content that I had to switch to other window as fast as I can before any one looks at it.

And one more thing I liked in the look and feel is that when the Inbox gets populated, each mail in the mail list is preceded by the small mail icon and on mouse over the icon gets changed to a select box. Isn't that wonderful? More than all the other things, it is really fast and that is what we all need..right?

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