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AOL names Indian as Vice-President

Global web services company America Online (AOL) has appointed Maneesh Dhir as the firm's Vice-President to oversee the growth of its international portals and review new overseas business opportunities in Europe, Asia and Americas. Dhir, who will work from the company's offices in India's high tech hub of Bangalore, will lead all the operations including technology development, back office operations and call centres.

In an announcement made from its global headquarters in Dulles, Texas, the company, the major component of whose business is internet access services, said Dana Dunne will become the head of AOL's Europe operation reporting to Dhir who in turn will report directly to AOL President Ron Grant.

Dhir, 42, replaces Joe Redling who left in recent restructuring aimed at making the company more competitive with several new players entering the crowded field.

Tags: AOL Internet Corporate News

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