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Web entrepreneurs puzzle on how to cash in on their 'revolution'

For the companies and individuals inhabiting the web's ever-evolving ecosystem, three big revolutions have taken place almost unnoticed by outside observers. The first, they argue, was the initial phase -- or what they call "Web 1.0" -- when corporations like the BBC, Disney and established newspapers set up virtual shop and reached out to Internet readers and viewers. The second -- "Web 2.0" -- saw Internet users becoming content providers themselves, through blogs, citizen journalism, homemade videos and collaborative sites such as Wikipedia.

Now, they say, the time has come for Web 3.0 -- where both sides will be involved in a complicated tango that is at once a mating dance and a competition. And the question they are all asking is: What will this new phase bring?

The hope, according to many influential players on the web who gathered at a big European conference on the issue held this week in Paris, is money, and lots of it. But there is also a small fear, perhaps fuelled by Google's staggering 1.65-billion-dollar purchase last month of the popular YouTube video hosting site, that expectations are too high, and that the coming Darwinian struggle will be brutal.

Web 2.0 "is like controlled anarchy," said Anthony Rose, the chief technical officer for the music and movie distributor Altnet and one of the 1,000 attendees at the two-day Le Web 3 conference that opened Monday.

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