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Jobster to give a huge shocking gift to its employees for new year

Jobster, a Seattle-based job-focused vertical search engine, is mulling a big round of layoffs and may cut up to half of its 145-strong workforce, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. Read the news at GigaOM.com

In follow up news I read two letters circulated to jobster employees (most probably from top management) indicating Jobster's next year growth plan and the interesting thing is that the communication neither accepted the news nor completely ruled out the possible layoffs. Of course, it is the typical management style communication to the employees.

I personally feel very sad for all those work at jobster for that they cant really enjoy the holiday season. Some will be busy in applying new jobs (and how pity it will be for them to keep their resumes in Jobster itself) and some will be pinching nails in tension. Cant really complain...all part of the game.

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