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India to test fire Agni-III early next year

India is planning to test fire its surface-to-surface missile, Agni-III, early in the new year as defence scientists make a bid to wash out failures which plagued the missile programme in 2006. The maiden trial of Agni-III, the country's most potent missile which was to incorporate many advanced technologies conducted in July 2006, was a dismal failure as the missile crashed into sea just seconds after blast off from the Interim Test Range in Balasore in Orissa.

After undertaking a review of the causes of failure of the maiden test flight of Agni-III, which has a range of 3,000 kms, the DRDO has now planned a re-trial of the missile any time during January or early February, Defence Ministry officials said. For the defence scientists, Agni-III was not the only failure as surface-to-air Akash and anti-tank Nag missile programmes failed to keep deadlines for user trials and the Trishul missile, which the DRDO thought it could turn into a multi-purpose interceptor, faced near closure.

The failure of the Agni-III was a major dampner to defence scientists as it came even as Pakistan went ahead with a series of successful missile tests of its clandestinely acquired Hatf, Gauri and Shaheen range of missiles in 2006. It also marked a low point for the missile and defence scientists as it compounded delays and snags in the country's other strategic programmes in the year gone by.

The country's much touted indegenous Main Battle Tank Arjun remained to be certified for production by the army. The same was the case with the country's indigenous programme to develop the Light Combat Aircraft.

Source: MSN News

wow great, if this test become successful then its really good for India

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