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How Does Google Calculate The Page Rank?

The most important thing for any page in Internet of any website is Google Page Rank. All most all of them care about the rank given by Google for their pages. The high the rank, the best the page or the site considers to be. Every one dies to get a link out from the pages which have higher ranks; the reason being the logic behind Google's algorithm on calculating the page rank works on the number of links a particular page has from other pages and the other pages' importance too is considered. So it is a must to know how Google calculates the page rank.

The advantages of having a high page rank is that you can get good advertisements to show in your page. But most of the times, pages with huge ranks like 8 or so do not have advertisements. For example blogger.com's rank is always more than 8 some times goes to 10. But there never will be any advertisement on their home page.

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