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You can visit StudiVZ

StudiVZ which is facing a lot of criticism recently in the blog world seems to have started taking initiatives to lessen the friction. As part of it Tobias Walter from StudiVZ commented on one of posts at Kasi-Blog. Walter invited Karsten Wenzlaff from Kasi-Blog to visit StudiVZ office to discuss the roaming critique. Below is the comment copied from the original source:

Tobias Walter Says:
November 12th, 2006 at 22:58

Hey Karsten,

I am actually working on studiVZ as well and just read that you tried to contact us last week. I’m very sorry that you didn’t get a reply but unfortunately no one of us has seen your mail. Anyways, as we said on many other blogs as well - our door is always open, so if you want to come along: Our adress is Saarbrueckerstr. 38, 10405 Berlin - you can ask for Dario Suter or Michael Brehm there and say that you have spoken with me.

Looking forward to see you!



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