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What is happening with Britney Spears

She ended a marriage in 55 hours, She ended another marriage after having 2 children in a quick time. The first one is JASON ALEXANDER who speaks out about Britney's love life. It is reported in Jan,2004 that Jason got around $500,000 to end the 55 hour marriage. Recently She made poor Kevin Federline the Fed-ex. He seems to be fighting for the children. What the mess she has created around her.

To add to it she is again caught by paparazzi. Imagine the exposure she will get to the new show-off. She is there in the technorati top searches with Britney Spears, Britney and Spears and there is a link in technorati blog for her up skirt stunt. I pity her. Is it just the money making her behave like this? Then damn with money. But not every one who has money is doing this...then is it just the personality? I think some fault lies in our (general public) side too, as whatever the celebrity does, we view it as crazy and give her more exposure than it needs. Giving a suggestion to her...Briney's ex, I mean one of Britney's ex NSYNC star Justin Timberlake had already given her when she split with Jason Alexander. As one of the insider revealed she got a call from Justin and in the words of the insider he said "I'm ashamed of you" and "He chewed her out and told her how ignorant she was acting".

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