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Video: StudiVZ's founder-Ehssan Dariani's misbehavior in a sub-way

I found this video on YouTube and as I don't understand the language(Germany) in the video I tried to get the gist from other blogs and I read that the guy is Ehssan Dariani - one of the founders of StudiVZ and he is talking vulgar to the ladies at the sub-way. See the Video below.

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Ehssan is trying to make an interview for the former entertainment blog on studivz. he is NOT vulgar! there are dozen such fun (guerilla marketing) video interviews online... the girls in the subway are katja gleisberg and christin kern that he is friends with, see in his friends's list on studivz.

If you are correct, then I'm wrong. As I mentioned in the post, I do not understand German and what I posted is just what I read in other blogs (long back).

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