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US polling system

This is about how the elections and polls work in the USA in brief.

The United States is a Federal system where power is divided between the Central government and the states. Except the head of the Central government, the President is elected directly and then he in turn appoints his Vice President and his cabinet known as the Executive. The Senate is made up of 100 members - two for each of America's 50 states. They are directly elected for a six-year term with one-third of its seats up for election every two years. The House of Representatives of 435 members - a number based on the population of each state - are again directly elected for a two-year term. The Senate has the power to confirm or reject presidential appointments, including the cabinet, and to ratify treaties. The House of Representatives has the sole right to initiate revenue bills, although they may be amended or rejected by the Senate.

Source: MSN
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