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Ségolène Royal in news

I got this news from dailyrefreshment.blogspot.com about Ségolène Royal, an assemblyman of French National Assembly, and a prominent member of the Socialist Party is currently involved in a video scandal for her view on Frence's tax reductions. This case may affect her to be nominated as a candidate for the upcoming 2007 French presidential election.
Note: There is a note below the source(where I found this news) post that says "Interesting video, but it has nothing to do with tax reduction; and as a french teacher, I can't say it's THAT scandalous ;-)".

Source: dailyrefreshment.blogspot.com
Tags: Ségolène Royal
Technorati: Studivz Video Borat Youtube Zune Reviewme Ségolène Royal Vidéo Java Valleywag True Blue Populists

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