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Scrybe: groundbreaking online organizer using Web2.0

The official site of Scrybe says " Scrybe™ is a groundbreaking online organizer that caters to today´s lifestyle in a cohesive and intuitive way." I just saw the introduction video on Scrybe's home page and it I did not waste my time to submit my mail id to get the beta invitation. Scrybe definitely will be a huge hit and seems like the web specialists have already evaluated the online organizer. I love the offline sync option given. It says:

1. Working Offline

• From the browser menu, select File > Work offline.

• Type in iscrybe.com.

• Sign in to the application.

• Add new data, or view and edit recent data.

2. Going back online

• From the browser menu, uncheck File > Work Offline.

• Type in iscrybe.com.

• Sign in to the application.

All your offline changes will now be synced automatically.

See the video below.

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