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RiviewMe is not allowing me:)

I'v tried my hands on ReviewMe. Regtistered, went through the helps and understood the "not so new" concept. The concept is not new for sure but the money amount being focused and displayed on the home page of ReviewMe is luring. So, first I tried submitting my other blog BlogHasBlogs which I'v started purely for blog reviewing. But Alas! ReviewMe did not allow me do so. It said that my blog is not worth accepting for them as it does not have enough links and traffic driving into it. Then I tried submitting this blog that you are viewing which is just a baby started arround 2 months back and is doing good with arround 50 unique hits a day. But still ReviewMe isnt convinced. So the bucks from ReviewMe are for those who are already making enough money, I mean the blogs which have enough traffic coming to them are alredy making money through adsense are the other way. Seems like the blogsphere too holds the same saying "haves have it all"

Thanks For Showing Interest In My Posts

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