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New User Registration Closed in JotSpot

After hearing the news of Google acquiring JotSpot, I just opened the JotSpot's website jot.com and found the page, which says:

Google has acquired JotSpot

and there are 2 different messages. One for Existing Users and One for New Users.

Existing users:

Rest assured - you will continue to have uninterrupted access to your JotSpot account! Our support team is still available to help you.
[and some links here]

New users:

We've closed off new account registrations while we focus on migrating to Google's systems. If you'd like to be notified when we re-open registration, enter your email address below.
[a field to submit the mail id, may be JotSpotters.. haha.. Googlers will get back to you through the mail when they are done with the switch over to Google's servers]

I am not sure if the same happened when Google tookover YouTube. Did this happen then too?

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