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John Kerry’s getting plenty of support for his tough response

John Kerry’s getting plenty of support for his tough response to today's Republican distortions of his comments on education, George Bush, and Iraq. Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Claudia J. Kennedy, the first woman to achieve the rank of three-star general in the United States Army, defended Senator John Kerry today in the wake of right-wing attacks. In a statement, Kennedy said:

"Senator John Kerry has served our country with great distinction, both in the military and in the United States Senate. The men and women of our armed forces know they have a friend and tireless advocate in John Kerry. When it comes to Iraq, he's right to stand up against baseless attacks, and right to keep fighting for a better course for our troops and our country."

At Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall touched on the issue several times today. He agreed that Kerry’s punch-back press conference was “the right response. Nothing to apologize for. What does he have to apologize for to the president and his party who've gotten thousands of Americans killed on their altar of their arrogance and lies.

Over at Daily Kos, Markos, who noted that “…I haven't been shy to pile on Kerry when warranted,” called what the Republicans were doing “a load of bullshit.” According to Markos, “Kerry responded the right way. Not by bowing to the full blast of the right wing noise machine, but by standing up to it on behalf of our troops, our nation, and the truth.”

Source: John Kerry Blog

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