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Is 2012 End Of The World?

Another Doomsday is upon us, a scant 6 years away if the Mayan Calendar is to be believed. Of course, perhaps it is simply the interpretation of those mystified by the Mayan Calendar's mathematical precision, and abrupt end in the year 2012.

December 21, 2012 is also the Winter Solstice, and provides us with a view that will not be seen again in any of our lifetimes. The Sun will conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way in the ecliptic, giving us view of the Sacred Tree as called by the Maya, giving us view of the Tree of Life. Both of these scenarios are quite possible, one scientific explanation, and one religious. What we still do not know, and probably will not know is what will happen after this end date until it actually occurs. A new dawn of enlightenment would be a step towards progression, in that mankind would become more aware of their surroundings and the impact that they have on the Earth as well as a higher intelligence and consciousness and a better mindset for helping their fellow man. Perhaps this is the end, when Mother Nature finally decides to shrug off the oppressiveness that has been created by the children and start anew. We may just end up living through another doomsday prophecy, going to work or school as usual, looking back on the prophecies and laughing them off.

Sacred Mysteries Productions has just released a feature-length documentary called" 2012: The Odyssey" wherein author Sharon Rose travels throughout the U.S. to speak to scientists, anthropologists, mystics and others about their take on the December 21, 2012 expiration date. You can watch the trailer here.

A few interesting explanations/theories on the Mayan end date:

The How and Why of the Mayan End Date in 2012 A.D.
Will the World Really End December 21, 2012?

Source: Armageddon Online Daily Mantra
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