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Hilarious Hackers/Crackers

I was reading two conversation about dumb hackers trying to do and steal something and instead got kick by themselves. Well they tried to crack but not hack. Well, I know that you know the difference between a hacker and a cracker, just in case if you dont... A cracker is someone who tries to get in to servers and databases or steal passwords with the intention of malpractice. Whereas hackers hack with the intention of helping and alerting the system administrators of a potential flaw in their architecture. To give an example, suppose if some person passes through a bank's database to get the permissions to transfer others funds to that person's account. If the bank finds that it lost some money from that act, then the person is called a cracker. But if the bank gets an alert on how the person could do that and they didnt find all the accounts' status as they should be, then the person is a hacker. Hacking these days is becoming ethical. But cracking in all the means is unethical. Psychologists say that it all depends on the person's nature and sometimes the mood of the person whether he is a cracker of hacker.

Anyways here are the link for the 2 hilarious coversations.

This one gives an IRC conversation of some 26 year old guy who flushes his own hard disk trying to use the trick on someone else's system.

This one is about a 13 year old trying to steal Steam account credentials and with his lack of hackingsense gave away his own credentials.

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