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Faith Hill's on camera misbehavior!

Upon losing the female vocalist award to American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill could be seen angrily mouthing the words "What the?" backstage. Watch Faith Hill uttering the words in the video from YouTube below. It is worth observing her expression. It apears as if like she already fixed the thing with the jury or if you think in other angles Faith Hill is feeling so confident abuot her getting the award.. "grrrrr.. jury.. you pur her cofidence down". But no problem Faith Hill will learn her new lesson on over confidence. Let me tell you a funky thing. After watching her expression, I was so stunned and I compared the names Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood and found that literally none of the syllables in their names match. Wonder why Faith Hill had to utter those words and raise her hands before the name was announced.

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