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Criticism on StudiVZ

This is about StudiVZ found in a blog:

studivz - germanies social net for students

today I feel like I have to blog about StudiVZ. What da heck is studiVZ?

It's an abbreviation for "studiverzeichnis" and Germanies social network for students. Students can connect vith each other via StudiVZ, see who is friend of their friends, write messages, use forums, etc.

In Germany such an application is very usefull, since classes at universities tend to be very big and often one does not know who are the people sitting a few rows in front or behind of you. so today you can look for them at studiVz and there you have it... o.k., not quite, since so far only 50.000 users are on the plattform, Which is not bad taken into account that their launched only this year.

I'v invested a little money in StudiVZ and support the entreprenuerial team where I can. For the German readers I 'll do an interview at gruenderszene sometime in the coming weeks.

The following post appears in a blog and looks like the blogger got this from some other blog. There is a comment to this post, which reveals more uncomfortables in StudiVZ.

StudiVZ and Blogs

The criticism about StudiVZ seems to grow, as can be seen here and here. Besides technical problems, the already well-know accusations of copying from Facebook and discussions about finances are floating around.

But Goethe-Blog points to one flaw of StudiVZ that cannot be excused. Unlike TIG, Facebook and many other social networks, StudiVZ does not allow the import of Blogs. Shame.

This is the reply which says that StudiVZ lacks a lot more facilities than mentioned above.

Actually, it’s not only about the import of blogs. That’s just one example.
The photo gallery, which I can upload on StudiVZ: Why can’t I use my flickr-gallery?
The homepage that I can put in my profile does not even occur as a link on the page.
Links from external sites to a group, a person or a thread in a forum are not possible.
The pin-board on which other people can leave message would be a great thing to put in my blog (or any other web page). Again, it’s not possible.

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