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Are We going to Forget Wee Shu Min?

Ofcourse not, "no" atleast from my side and from Wee Shu Min's side too;). As I read her not bothering about peoples' views on her arrogant comments to Derek Wee's post, I just wonder how can one sleep so cool, when the whole world is taking about one that too not on the back but hitting on face. I think it is just her way beacause I think if it were some one else, they would have given a whole hearted apology though they think that they didnt do any thing wrong. But Wee Shu Min sounds like the one who is determined to show that she is right. Yaeah.. yeah she did apologize but her friend's friend's friend's say she doesnt mean that. Her dad too apologized but I read he too doesnt mean that. Is it just the jeans or is it they way they need to be?

Letz do some analysis(I know I'm no one to analyze, as I got nothing to loose and gain.. no matter what happens to the issue of Wee Shu Min, but just out of curiosity and just out of support to freedom of speech and just out of support to Mr.Derek Wee). Letz think in all the angles Ms Wee Shu Min and Mr. Derek Wee and everyone else's.

Papa Wee's status:
If it is not some thing that Derek wee did, if it is I think the matter would have been closed by now. Because he is accessible to the MP and afterall he is MP. But the problem is Netizens are scattered and they are not saying in the way Wee Shu Min said. People are using nice words to criticize her :). Mr Kim most probably isnt bothered about loosing his MP status... mmm.. not sure, but if it is in India, then I am sure and I read some where that "a politician is a politician no matter what he eats and what he talks". So dont worry, he is an MP still.

Baby Wee's status:
She doesnt bother, then why do I? Ok, just for the sake of anaylzing.. The only problem she can face is with her face and that too when people start recognizing her face. Hey itz too easy. wee She Min got a spot on her face. When some one shows finger at her and say "hey...itz that girl topped searches on net for almost 3 weeks". The problem with this situation arises if Wee Shu Min feels bad about it. But she isnt. So No probs. She can use this as bed time stories to her grand children... "once upon a time there is top rated search term wee..."

Mr. Derek Wee's status:
Dont worry Mr. Derek, people will remember you more than they remember Wee Shu Min and we all are mentioning your name saying "Mr. Derek". But it would have been a great help to you if you would have posted that famous post of yours after 5 years when you really are 40. Then, I'm sure you would have got a permanent job or you would have been placed there in the same company for the rest of your life. But even now I think you have a good chance of being recognized. And I'm still looking for your pciture.. oh..yeah..I feel like Paparazzi ;) jus kidding.

Our(the bloggers) Status:
We rock as long as the Wee Shu Min's issue is on technorati top searches. No special analysis needed dudes. But be careful not to become dooced.

So considering the bloggers status, I say we are not going to forget Wee Shu Min unless we get something else that promises to top the searches atleast for a month. Am I rt?

If any one wants to give me a job in social events analyis or some thing sort of, feel free to contatct me :)).

Thanks For Showing Interest In My Posts

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