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Alcano(2006 World Pool Champion): This Win Will Change My Life For Ever

RONATO Alcano admitted winning the 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship will change his life for ever. Alcano, 34, defeated Ralf Souquet 17-11 to become the third Filipino to win the competition following successes for Efren Reyes in 1999 and Alex Pagulayan in 2004. This victory gives Alcano $100,000 as well as the prestigious title of best player in the world and will have a huge impact on the rest of his career. He will become an overnight star in his home country and will be invited to numerous competitions around the world. “My life will change,” said Alcano. “I’m still thinking about what I need to do with the money as this is the first time I’ve ever had this amount. I had to go through many qualifying tournaments but now as I have the title of World Champion I feel my life will be easier. My game plan was to try and get the break working and open up a two or three rack lead. When I got a six-rack lead (at 9-3) a little bit more comfortable but I knew it was not over.

“Ralf Souquet is so controlled, even when the crowd went against him he remained focused, unlike a player like Earl Strickland, and Ralf was always so poised. At the end I was holding back tears and this is how good it feels to be the World Champion but I was successful in not breaking down and crying.”

Alcano believed his success showed what could happen if people worked hard at the sport they loved. “If you continue to work hard then anyone could become the new World Pool Champion,” added Alcano. I would like to thank my family who have supported me along the way. As the tournament progressed, and after beating Efren Reyes and Wu Chia-ching, I became more confident. I dedicate this victory to my family and everyone who has supported me.”

Alcano started the competition with two defeats against German Christian Reimiering and Vietnam ’s Luong Chi Dung and only just made it out of the group stages. He admitted he had changed his tactics to fully use the soft break and that worked with knock-out victories against tough opponents Roberto Gomez, Efren Reyes, Kuo Po-cheng, Wu Chia-ching, Li He-wen and then Souquet in the final. Alcano concluded: “After my first two losses I saw the soft break work, looked at it and am now the World Champion.”

Source: worldpoolchampionship.com
Tags: Pool
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Nice news feature :) Ronato Alcano is one Amazing Pinoy!

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