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Wee Shu Min is still not going down

Wee Shu Min's comments on Derek Wee's post which got her the publicity for eternity ( ofcourse she would not have dared to post those comments if she had any slightest idea of this) is still on raise and is topping the famous blog searches and search engines like technorati, google blog search, blogger's search, yahoo etc. All the posts which refer to her say "a student of RJC"... So I just wondered to search for "RJC Singapore" in Google and the first result is www.rjc.edu.sg , which I suppose is the college that Wee Shu Min is studying. When I think of the happenings, I can see certain things which stirred the issue. The major issue being Wee Shu Min's way of expressing her disagreement to Derek Wee. She used the words which will sure make one say "oh...no" or "cooool" or "woohoo". The other reasons being her status in the society. She is a student from a prestigious college(I want to remind a quote from Theodre Roosevelt "..... to educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society") and more than that she is the daughter of a current MP in Singapore, Wee Siew Kim. It must be a highly embarrassing situation for Mr. Wee Siew Kim. He did make a public statement on this issue.

Her popularity is so much that she got an article in Wikipedia and there is a video too in youtube. I am not sure about this but I read in some blogs that RJC girls and sometimes boys are getting hit by strong words just because Wee Shu Min's famous/notorious post. For me I just feel like whatever is happening is just wrong. I am not saying that we are just invading her privacy, bacause we are not discussing about something which she told in a closed room but she expressed in a publicly available blog. But what I am saying is that the comments "she is wrong" are wrong. She just expressed herself. Ofcourse even you and I are expressing ourselves offending or defending. Defending does not mean that I support her comments. I just support her right to comment, the so called freedom of speech.

"she just expressed herself" - boy oh boy oh boy, did she express herself. It makes one think that her brain is perhaps not connected to her mouth. Of course, after her daddy's infamous "brutal truth" remarks, we can always blame the DNA she inherited. Perhaps deep down inside, she's a nice girl. And Adolf Hitler was just a cute German boy.

"Perhaps deep down inside, she's a nice girl. And Adolf Hitler was just a cute German boy."- LOL.

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