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Madonna splurges $10,000 on her adopted son

Pop star Madonna seems to be so in love with 1-year-old David Banda - a Malawian orphan she is going to adopt[Edited: Madonna reached NY on 29th with David: The Picture is taken in the airport], that she is making sure that the little one leads a luxurious life. The 'Material Girl' recently spent a fortune on the tot's winter wardrobe. She called trendy Los Angeles baby store Petit Tresor at the beginning of the week and ordered the best cashmere winter clothes from designers like CV and Larucci. "She wanted very high-end, luxury winter products and items; very subtle European classic designs made of the finest materials and fabrics... It's the luxury of all luxuries," Contactmusic quoted Nina Takesh, Petit Tresor's co-owner, as saying.

But Madonna left the store boss puzzled when she asked for girls clothing too: "She did pull both boy and girls items in that age range." In total, the singer spent almost 10,000 dollars on baby clothes at the high-end store. Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie have taken charge of the boy at their London home, where they hope to prove they are suitable adoptive parents before officially becoming David's mum and dad in 18 months.

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